Chicago, IL, U.S.


●  Build the CI/CD using AzureDevOps to for the mobile apps use internally and externally

●  Gather and refine requirements from stakeholders for new features or new projects

●  Assess technical features and tasks with the team to proceed with a feasible solution

●  Work with FIHR and Epic Health records in client-side applications

Mobile Software Developer


Chicago, IL, U.S.

  • Work with mobile device management solution to assist managed devices and managed applications

  • Develop backend and frontend applications that improved associates workflows

  • Write automation scripts and continuous integration pipelines to address multiple applications and the collaboration of team members

  • Minimize initial technical debt by introducing test-driven development and working with the UX/UI in order to guide them when using the Apple platforms.

  • Lead story reviews with business stakeholders in order to clarify edge case scenarios

  • Minimize technical support feedback loop and hardware issues by integrating the IT support system and hardware’s SDK for troubleshooting.

  • Develop new applications which include flows, features, and hotfixes utilizing the repository, injection, and modularizing patterns.

  • Diagram end-to-end architecture and evaluate technical decisions as to the project progress

  • Build internal and external business partners relationships to clarify concerns and discuss possible approaches to current and upcoming projects

  • Work on legacy projects in order to maintain backward compatibility for new features

  • Assisting in developing hybrid applications projects

  • Continuous communication with the product manager, product owner about the project’s progress


Mobile Software Developer


Mobile Software Developer

Chicago, IL, U.S.

  • Able to lock in 3 customer agreements signups when finalizing our data product. This involved beacon technology, relational database, and map data visualization (Mapbopx).

  • Through the use of Apple push notification system, we created an analytics product for our third-party associates that help them oversee returning customers

  • Use the mobile instrumentation tool to increase the efficiency of compilation time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and a half. Additionally, this help catch data race conditions between Swift and Objective-C

  • Implement Behavior Driven Development, which is a document base layer for stakeholders to help understand the situation, requirements, actions, and results for every new and legacy feature.

  • Automate the unit testing suite, app production submission, and quality assurance builds using continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline along with Fastlane.

  • Help the community team decrease the amount of time reviewing inappropriate content by implementing an image machine learning model based on a plant database to identify things that are not plants.

  • Solo developer in the project

  • The developer’s time is valuable. As a result, created CI/CD software pipelines to facilitate gradual deployment, automated tests, rollbacks, and feature flags

  • Delivered features in the most feasible ways using refactoring design patterns

  • Find balance and knowledge between the technical vision and the delivery of products when gathering and delivering stakeholders requirements


Mobile Software Developer

Chicago, IL, U.S.

  • Deliver a total cost reduction of -$10,000.00 by integrating an iPadOS app with IoT devices

  • iPadOS app with commands and real-time data visualization analytics to/from IoT devices

  • Small talk about machine learning use cases and examples with Apple CoreML Framework


Consultant / Technical Advisor

It is an online delivery flower shop located in South Florida, servicing the area of Orlando mostly. Areas completed:

  1. A website to showcase products

  2. Manage leads and customer information

  3. Accept payments and order forms

  4. limit the range of delivery

Miami, FL, U.S.


Software Developer

Florida International University

Bachelor's Degree

Miami, FL

Laptop Keyboard

Demonstrate practical hands-on expertise in selection, installation, customizing and maintenance of the state-of-the-art computing infrastructure.


Demonstrate practical proficiency in the selection, installation, customizing and maintenance of the state-of-the-art software systems.


Demonstrate general understanding of at least one field where Information Technology plays a central role.


Demonstrate understanding of the social and ethical concerns of the practice of Information Technology.


Demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively in teams.


Demonstrate effective communication skills.




The cloud has become a key enabler for innovation with beneficial features like high availability, unlimited capacity, on-demand scalability, and elasticity

Foundational concepts of designing and deploying scalable, extendable, and maintainable full-stack applications using modern cloud architecture

Microservices are becoming the default mode of developing and deploying applications at scale.


Serverless technologies have become very popular recently because they can increase the speed of development and drastically reduce the cost of running a cloud infrastructure.

Laptop Keyboard

Data Streaming



Understand the components of data streaming systems. Ingest data in real-time using Apache Kafka and Spark and run analysis


Use the Faust Stream Processing Python library to build a real-time stream-based application. Compile real-time data and run live analytics, as well as draw insights from reports generated by the streaming console.


Learn about the Kafka ecosystem, and the types of problems each solution is designed to solve. Use the Confluent Kafka Python library for simple topic management, production, and consumption.


Explain the components of Spark Streaming (architecture and API), integrate Apache Spark Structured Streaming and Apache Kafka, manipulate data using Spark, and read DataFrames in the Spark Streaming Console.

Rental Bikes

Data Engineering



Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with big datasets across sources and destinations for transactional and analytical workflows

Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Workspace One Unified Certification

Learn to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, automate data pipelines, and work with big datasets across sources and destinations for transactional and analytical workflows



iOS Development


Developed basic applications that communicate with REST APIs and presents different workflows based on the task the users was intending to accomplish.


iOS Internship

Miami, FL

Worked with multiple iOS mobile banking apps developed with Objective-C and third-party frameworks.

Worked on production bugs in collaboration with DevOps and Quality Assurance teams

Run small proof of concept features in order to validate the demand

PCI APIs, Jenkins, AutoLayout, Objective-C, Alamofire 🛠


Miami, FL

CoderDojo is a non-profit organization aimed to teach introductory coding-skills concepts through hands-on learning for students between 4th grade and 8th grade.

As a mentor, I had a transformative experience by being able to teach and spark joy among the students.

IT Internship

Miami, FL

Strengthen relationships with the clients by integrating my technical experience and expertise.

Fashioned a blog to look like a fitness site for moms and a subscription program.

Checked logs and malfunctioning errors to avoid conflict with a purchasing process on the website.

Maintained the network, installation, and use of new software and process.

CS Learning Assistant Java II

Taught on an ongoing process and/or create new projects for college students using Java programming language in a class of twenty students

Explained Object Oriented Programming concepts during in and out sessions

Used pair programming with students in order to practice and review material

Miami, FL