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AWS Lambda with Swift Runtime

Many iOS developers often don't realize initially that they are using a programming language rooted in functional paradigm principles.

Swift became immensely popular due to its adoption in iOS applications. Today, it's not just used for crafting apps across various customer-facing hardware like iOS, WatchOS, iPadOS, and CarPlay, but also in enterprise-level and research-oriented backend applications and machine learning models. Recently, I came across a microcontroller development kit designed for projects similar to those on Raspberry Pi but using Swift and its dedicated IDE.

“a prototype is worth 1000 meetings” - IDEO

Many people dismiss certain software by saying, "It's just a 'Hello World' program" or "It lacks the perspective of an enterprise." To those individuals, I'd like to point out that there isn't an official council that determines whether a technology meets certain standards. New technologies are designed to address the limitations of existing ones. How far we can push their boundaries is entirely up to us.


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