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DevOps: Software & Pipelines for mobile development teams

Scripts. Scripts help you do the following things:

  • CI/CD pipeline

  • automation of certificate management

  • build configuration files

The above is no longer a topic of discussion… It’s a prerequisite.

  • We don’t need it at the moment. We can do it manually

  • Isn’t too much? it’s a single app

  • We can do all the testing in one environment

Disclaimer: If you or your team is already working or starting one or more+ software applications then I’m assuming it’s business related. Otherwise, I’m assuming it does not generate any revenue or cut down on cost in any way.

Once a team has built a product, structure, and a process around it (release, testing, or debugging), the next phase is to bring automation. Not just business logic code can affect your app, but also the bad use of misconfiguration will impact it the most. A CI/CD pipeline encapsulates the previous.

Another way to look at it is: current changes are based on a time window. If there are more changes to integrate, that time window will grow. In some cases, exponentially [O(n^2)] Tests that run efficiently can bring confidence and assurance of a new release.

Tips + Benefits:
  • Adopt current agile practices; configuration file reviews can avoid detecting issues in config files

  • automation process; it helps reduce human error in resource provisioning and ensures consistent deployments

  • Secrets Management; manage connection strings, keys, secrets, and certificates within tools provided by the CI system and manage them per environment

  • Access Control; you get the benefit by using manage identities or service accounts to automate resource provisioning

  • Avoid configuration drift; inconsistent deployments

The pipeline is so important in mobile that even Apple created one, XCode Cloud 👩‍💻 ☁️

Any CI/CD is better than no CI/CD - StackOverflow

Profiles, certificates, and tokens are interchangeable terms, but they are very different. I will refer to them as certs. The team will benefit from having the same downloading the same certs. Otherwise, everybody is creating confusion and not being organized enough. A tip to prevent the previous, use Fastlane 🚇 Teams at many companies, including Google, are using it.

Extra DevOps is and is not: a methodology, a single piece of a software tool, or a specific role/task.

… You can fix the problem at the source, by focusing relentlessly on the length of time between when a line of code is written and when it is fully deployed to production …- stackoverflow Fullfillng the promise of CICD

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