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PR Merged - Swift AWS Lambda Events

Serverless code is something that has come along in the past 5+ years. As many small and large cloud providers keep revamping the hardware, the tech stacks, and the mental model, more languages are being added to the list of supported languages.

Context switching is tiring. For me it goes like this:

  1. What's the Goal? How to build it?

  2. What's more user-friendly, faster, and intuitive?

  3. Teamwork (never solo, even for my future self)

  4. Scalable?

  5. Automated?

  6. Cost-effective? Innovative

I have dabbled with Javascript, Java, Objective-C, AWS, Spark, CoreML, and Python. And all these things accomplished the same things and were very similar in the same ways. We could go into compiled and static languages versus native languages. Or maybe Write once deployed everywhere. How about writing in a need-to basis.

I like Swift cause it removes a lot of the ceremonies that some other languages have, from scripting to data manipulation and visualization to machine learning and serverless cloud applications. Most of it is open-source software and in production.

I had the opportunity to contribute to one of them that has been revamped in the last three years, Swift AWS Lambda.

Anyone can relate to this: Contributing without being asked feels terrific.

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