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💽 Swift AWS Lambda + S3Event

Code Repository:

With this project, I can show you a Lambda function that gets triggered & processes events by the `s3:ObjectCreated:*`.

We are basically decomposing our monolith application into different container images. For further development with a serverless application, there are different components (manage services) that might tight you to a specific cloud provider; other ones will be able to migrate easily.

Along with it, you will find the CI/CD (staging.yml), built with GitHub Actions and the Serverless Framework (

The Lambda itself was wrapped in a Docker container image, and you could also use the following in case of a zip package:

handler: xyz
	artifact: ./path/*.zip

Zips can only hold 256 MB, while the docker image can be up to 10 GB. Lambda layers are not usable by container images. For example, I'm using a layer to decompress private key files, reuse initialization code, etc.

To accomplish this, I have created the following resources with a YML template for the AWS CloudFormation Stack to consume

For more details on the output, look at the README sections:

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