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Writing software asynchronously 🧵

With my ongoing project feature at the top I have been able to gather all the knowledge I gained into a single application… more like many related to the same application.

I’m really grateful and content about the excitement there is in the #SwiftLang community. Many people think You write iPhone applications - maybe! I can relate to this conversation Twitter video.

Swift is an open-source language which has achieve things like differential progamming, functional programming, and server-side development. Within the last 2 weeks ago! 🤯, the language gain two new milestones Concurrent programming and Distributed Computing. Amazing 🚀.

For my project, I have been able to combine and use server-side development, concurrent programming and leverage the use of declarative programming. These were things that I was looking at the progress of, mainly thanks to the Swift Evolution #iOSApp.

At this stage one might wonder:

  • Maybe is overkill? Do you pretend to add everything that you find? When would I ship it?

The truth is… I enjoy learning, doing, and improving


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