I have worked on enterprise, customer, and data-driven applications with internet-connected devices. The industries range from finance and health in the private sector in large and small teams.

As a member of those teams and playing different roles: I have helped define, develop and maintain features and releases for software applications following Agile and product-driven methodologies.


As someone who is fascinated about this journey, from idea to usability and iteration. I have taugh team members and partners to understand and learn the ins-outs of the different stages in this process.


Disclaimer: I'm not an agency or outsource my work to anyone else


Functional Requirement Specification Documents

Write a technical requirements documents per application/feature

Narrow down the idea, logic and work behind it


Automation Scripts

For software development projects

Write build, package, testing and distibution scripts. Using Unix, YAML for different CI/CD providers


Cloud Functions

Write  small contenarized services ready to be deploy to AWS Lambda function. With the use of  AWS Events and other connections you could integrate it into an array of projects. 


Code Packages

Develop a Swift/Binary Packages to be use across Apple platforms and OS platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS) and devices (per requirements) which could have the ability to further integrate with other Apple frameworks and REST API