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Writting BDD + TDD in my current projects

Behavior driven development (BDD), Test driven development (TDD)

The Problem

A developer could write the following below. But this is missing some context, and only developers could! be able to understand what is the system is doing.

func testSystem_whenReset_isInStarted() {


 XCTAssertEqual(sut.state, .blank)

A different approach

Given the application is "in progress"
When a user "restarts" the application
Then the application will set to "default"
func Given("the application is [regex]") { state in

func When("a user [regex] the application") { action in

func Then("the application will set to [regex]") { expected in
 XCTAssertEqual(expected, sut.state)

The result out of it is that developers can make a set of reusable tests and stakeholders, product owners, QA tester can expand this tests into every state of the system.

Developers only need to keep following their TDD approach.



ORD 🛫 MIA 🛬 ETD 2:00 hr

What’s there to do at an airport besides waiting for your flight?

What about if we could meet someone?… Don’t worry is not tinder

What’s the ice breaker?

Math ➗ is international spoken, music 🎼 is international heard, body language too. A language_ 🗣 not so much 😕

🎺 + 💃🏻 + 🕺🏻 = social interaction

You don’t need to talk when dancing Foxtrot, Salsa, Tango or Swing!

The Solution: Coming soon

🙂 Stranded brings people together at an international place (airport) in different time zones! 😲 Allowing them to socialize through dancing <insert research paper here>

h233f7343sh2sd chores: brief changes

tech: Vapor Framework



Have you ever had too many events in the same day at different times and different locations?

Were the events or appointments located close to each other?

Do you always take into consideration how long will it take you to go from appointment A to appointment B?

What about lunch? Do you have time to eat in the middle?

Or where you live? Chicago? Great city transit by the way! 5x_ ⭐️ Miami? ☹️ _Sorry its an 1:40 min traffic along the I-95

But most importantly! How happy or how stress are you? ⛱ 🤯

The Solution: Coming soon

Display vCard

The Problem:

Do you have a business card? it probably has a cool design 📇

They are useful when you need to leave in a rush

There is a individual in the middle, or “man in the middle”

manual work is prompt to error

The Solution:

Note: also use “Share sheet” to send it using AirDrop, not too many users allow airdrop from everyone

tech: Siri shortcut

YellowPepper Talks

Introduction to Firebase Database, IAM, and backend for the front end developers.

I talked about how to start with Firebase, Realtime Database, and its rules. Also about Storage Database and it rules

Along with it, I developed a small sample iOS project using Swift to send text and image nodes, how they are shown in the firebase console, and which methods I use to retrieve them in the client

tech: Swift, UIKit, AutoLayout, Firebase Realtime DB


Demo video

Hero World

Creating a test case for a new park for The Walt Disney company in order to track schedules and budgeting for the construction of all the projects.

Our dev team was able to implement a database using normalization, which helps identifies the identities inside the projects. We developed process of Table Creation, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers. During the project we learned how an activity relates to a project, how a project can have many employees, and how a firm can own many employees. This is done using the concept of relational database.

tech: MySQL*


Tubmlr Client

Created an iOS client in order to search blog users in Tumblr, follow users, and post text blogs.

tech: Tumblr API, UIKit


On the Map

“On The Map” app allows users to share their location and a URL with their fellow students

tech: MapKit, Parse, Udacity API


Virtual Tourist

Wondering what kind of pictures have people taken in a particular place around the world?

Think about Virtual Tourist before Instagram search feature using Flicker

tech Flicker API, MapkKit, UIKit



Ally's Flower

Using Wordpress and Woocommerce was able to create a simple solution for a small business.

The owner was so glad that she didn’t need the help of a tech savvy person and that it could easily integrate with the power of Square (POS)

tech: Wordpress, CRM, POS


Created an iOS app to manage a database of items. Pros the effectiveness of adding a new item to the device database and reducing the time up to 97.5%.

Proendoscopy is a local company in the city of Sunrise, it specializes in the service and repair of medical equipment, mainly endoscopes.

Our dev team was able to quickly identify the main problem in their workflow and inefficiency of procedures in the sales department

tech: iOS: Objective-C, CoreData, UIKit


iOS Software Developer | GrowIt! | Chicago, U.S. | Feb. 2018 - Present


tags: horticulture

Technical Analyst iOS Mobile Developer | Solstice Consulting | Chicago, U.S. | Sept 2017 - Feb 2018


tags: agriculture

Intern iOS Mobile Developer | YellowPepper | Miami, U.S. | Nov 2016 - May 2017


tags: finnancial technology

IT Intern Developer | Martin Digital Group | Miami, U.S. | Jan 2014 - April 2015`

tags: online marketing


Instructor | CoderDojo | Miami, U.S. | Dec 2014 - May 2016

tags: education

Java II Learning Assistant | Florida International University CIS Department | Miami, U.S. | Dec 2015 - May 2016

tags: education


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